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Stamp Emission Subscription

The Stamp Emission Subscription is done to the products in the Emission Program published by PTT in the beginning of each year. You can subscribe these philatelic products before putting them into circulation. Therefore, we buy all the new stamps published by PTT for you and send them to your addresses. To benefit from this service, if you aren't a member, first you have to fill the Registration Form. Then, your Stamp Emission Subscription will be immediately begun just after filling the Stamp Emission Order Form.

Conditions of Service
  • The Stamp Emission Subscription is FREE. You will just pay for the stamps you demand.
  • The prices declared in our web site are valid for all products.
  • During 6 months of circulation, the stamps to be published in the Emission Program of PTT are sent to the SUBSCRIBERS by adding 10 % of service prices to their nominal values.
  • The demanded stamps will be sent by the Registered Post by taking into consideration the payment durations clarified in the Stamp Demand Form (for example, if you pay three times a year, your orders will be sent three times a year).
  • 3 Euro will be added as shipping fees per order that will be sent by PTT.
  • The Stamp Presentation Brochures is forwarded free of charge through the Internet to the subscribers.
  • The subscribers can participate in the auctions to be announced in the web site without advancing money.
  • Those who want to benefit from Stamp Emission Subscription must pay 20 Euro in advance into any of the accounts of our web site.
  • This advance of money will be kept in individual customer accounts so that the subscribers could use it to purchase the stamps. As the stamps are shipped, the amount of this fee will be deducted directly from the costumer accounts.
  • The payments dues will be sent to each subscriber with their stamps.
  • efilateli.com won't be responsible if the subscribers don't receive the stamps due to lack of money on their accounts.
  • Remember that the stamps are in circulation just for six months. You can purchase the stamps that are withdrawn from circulation in Stamps Store on-line. The prices are the same as ones in the catalogue.
  • Your personal information is kept in high security. But do not tell anyone your password. Check your demands often.
  • Subscribing means that you accepted the conditions of service.

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