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Shopping Security

We've created a secure shopping environment for you. We use the high technology in our web site to guarantee the top security of all purchases by a credit card. Thanks to these precautions you can be sure that third person never gets and use your personal information and you can shop carefreely.

 A Secure Connection

All the information you have forwarded to efilateli.com are encoded by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 128 bits. In that way, getting your personal and financial information by a third person is prevented. The SSL certificate, the most secure encoding system of today, guaranties that you really connect to efilateli.com. During the secure connection, all the information we took is transferred in a secret code just to do the business you intend. Someone else, therefore, can not interfere in the running operation in a way.

Whatever Browser you use (IE, Netscape, Opera, etc.) the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) provides you a secure connection. You will see a padlock symbol on the right and below corner of your Browser's screen. This symbol in the locked condition means that your Browser has connected to the site securely.

Another sign that you are in a secure server is that "http:" before the URL is replaced by "https:". Here the letter "s" indicates the certificate, in other words the secure connection.

 CVV2 Security Code

CVV2 Security Code is the last three digits of the number that is on the backside of your credit card. For example, if the number written on the backside of your credit card is 0000 1111 2222 3333 413, CVV2 Security Code is 413. This number is not on the front side of your credit card. (But on the American Express credit cards, it is on the front side and consists of four digits.)
On imaginary cards, the practice is changed for the individual banks. Some banks deliver a physical card together with the imaginary card on which the CVV2 Security Code is found. But some banks give the CVV2 Security Code on their web sites. If you can not find CVV2 Security Code of your credit or imaginary card, get in touch with your bank or try another card.

 Why do we ask for CVV2 Security Code?

In 2001, international credit card organizations assembled and put the usage of CVV2 into practice to increase security. We ask for CVV2 Security Code to prevent your credit card from being used by others.

 Your credit card information is not kept in our server!

Your business transactions are done through VPOS724, a service of Vakıfbank.

Your credit card information is forwarded to Vakıfbank through SSL and as soon as your bank approves them, they are cleaned out of the screen. Your credit cart information is never kept in our system. Therefore, third person never gets them.

Thank you for trusting us and we wish you an enjoyable shopping.

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